Single-Use Assemblies

ESI Ultrapure, a division of ESI Technologies Group, offers a comprehensive Life Science product portfolio and ISO Class 7 Certified Cleanrooms specialised in Single-Use Assemblies. We work with our sister companies across Europe, providing custom solutions to support the market.

Single Use assemblies

What do we do?

Streamlining your work-flow

In the past, many of our clients undertook the laborious process of self-assembling, sourcing components from multiple suppliers, coordinating logistics, handling certificates, and performing assembly tasks themselves.


Elevate your efficiency

ESI deliver complete Single-Use Assemblies, double-bagged, certified and sterilised to your requirements. This means you can redirect your valuable expertise to where it matters most.

Wide European Coverage


We work with our sister companies across Europe, providing custom solutions to support the biopharma market.

Quality & Traceability


  • ISO 9001:2015 CertifiedQuality Control
  • Production Record
  • Training Record
  • Compliance Notification Process
  • Supplier Qualification
  • CoC Registration
  • Cleanroom Maintenance & Calibration
  • ISO 7 Class Cleanroom with cGMP-like processes

Manufacturing Capabilities


In our ISO 9001 Certified with ISO Class 7 Cleanrooms we customise solutions to best suit your process:

  • Tubing Assemblies: Molded & barbed (tubing, connectors, bags, filters, etc)
  • Bottle cap assemblies
  • Customised lengths of tubing
  • Bag and bottle manifolds
  • Perfusion, TFF and filtration assemblies

Custom Design & Capabilities

ESI Ultrapure delivers Custom Single Use Assemblies with swift turnaround times and unmatched versatility through our “Open Architecture” philosophy.

Single Use Assembly for Biopharma

Completely Brand Independent

  • Simple or complex Single-Use Assemblies
  • Our technical experts can offer design support for product efficiency
  • Single-Use Assemblies for every application
  • We can offer exact equivalence to existing assemblies, providing a competitive dual source option
  • Completely brand independent, we build what you specify
  • We have production capacity to allow for quick turnaround of your requirements

From Standard Components

  • Perfect for Transfer Tubing and System Integration
  • Build your own Tubing and Sampling Manifold
  • We have stock of the world-leading brands of Tubing, Fittings, Connectors, Bags & Bottles
  • Made in ISO Class 7 Cleanroom and sterilised to your requirements.

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