About ESI Ultrapure

ESI Ultrapure is the Life Science division of ESI Technologies Group. We provide quality products and solutions for the bio-pharmaceutical industry in Ireland and the UK. We have built up a comprehensive Life Science portfolio with global manufacturers to ensure we are the perfect partner to support you locally. We can also leverage the European-wide Indutrade Life Sciences companies to fulfil customer requirements.

ESI Technologies Group have been involved in Single Use Technologies since 2005 when we launched the NovAseptum in Ireland and have been supplying Ireland’s leading Bio-pharmaceuticals with Single Use assemblies since then.Single Use Assembly

We have ISO Class 7 cleanrooms based in our Irish facility which specialise in single use assemblies. Our custom offering is specifically designed to meet our customers unique requirements. Efficiency and quality are priority in ESI, from turnaround times, flexibility of design, suitability to specific application, whilst ensuring the highest quality standards are kept.


Celebrating over 100 years in business, ESI now consists of a dedicated team of people in Ireland and the UK.


Southern Engineering was founded in the early 1900’s by the Foley family and was the largest supplier of general Engineering Equipment in Ireland


First signed agency agreement with
SKF Bearings


Sean P. Foley former Managing Director & Owner of Southern Engineering



"We provide quality products and solutions drawing on our vast knowledge and experience"

Customer Focused

"We listen to our customers needs and work collaboratively to provide solutions"


"We work together to share responsibilities for a common goal"


"We pride ourselves on integrity built on a foundation of trust, accountability and reliability"


ESI consists of a dedicated team of people in Ireland and the UK. We are committed to customer satisfaction.

Not just equipment providers - Solution Providers!


Key to succeeding and becoming the Leader in our sector is to employ high calibre, creative, bright and motivated employees, with the ability to take responsibility across all aspects of the business.


UltraPure International is our own common brand within Indutrade Group. We have a wide European coverage and offer a complete range of Single-Use Solutions for the Bio-Pharmaceutical industry!


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Our goal at ESI is to create and maintain long terms partnerships through support, communication, flexibility and innovation.

Lead Design Engineer
UK Engineering Consultants

"A great team that’s very customer focused, with the technical expertise to get the job done, with the right kit. I very much appreciate all the support guys"

Contracts Manager
Ireland Biotech Facility

"ESI is a very good company and a reliable industrial partner"

UK Industrial Gas Systems Contractors

"Fantastic company to deal with"

Lead Engineer
Ireland Biotech Facility

"A great company to do business with. Keep up the great work you do!"

Leading Pump Manufacturer

"Success is never an accident. It’s the thousand little things that you do right. ESI is a great team!"

Process Engineer
API Plant in Ireland

"I’ve worked with ESI for over 10 years, and always found them great to deal with, always supplying a good product or service, and as a team they’re committed to the customers needs"


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