Custom Plastic Equipment

Product Benefits

  • Rigid plastic is cheaper than Stainless Steel, especially for complicated customization. It’s much harder to customize SS due to a large amount of welding & cutting.
  • Better chemical resistance than SS which can pit or wheels/castors fail due to CIP or sanitisation fluids and their corrosive nature
  • Cleaner finish – white plastic.
  • Overall life span is much longer than SS comparable units. In most plants, SS equipment is changed yearly as it’s worn from all the CIP fluids. NMS products last for several years.
  • Standard SS carts (eg. Metro Carts) use Post-Casters – only rated for 200-300 lbs. NMS equipment uses Pad-Castors.
  • Stronger and cleaner weld: NMS’ fusion welding allows the plastic to better flow without entraining air bubbles into the weld.
  • Easier to clean as the welds are smooth and without voids.
  • NMS products are designed using a pre-sag system to ensure they can adjust when the load is introduced.


Technical Data

All products are completely customizable to customer’s requirements.

Products are made to support the use of Single-Use throughout a process by making it more ergonomic and secure.

All products are produced ensuring LOT traceability, biocompatibility certifications, and adherence to customer specifications.

MoC: Polypropylene (PP) and Polyethylene (PE).

Totes and Carts: NMS use Pad-Casters which are cleanroom rated, non-marking and rated for 1500 lbs.

Totes and Carts: Designed using a pre-sag system to ensure the tote can adjust when the load is introduced.

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