Aramus™ Single-Use 2D Bag Assembly

Benefits of Aramus™ Single-Use 2D Bag Assembly

  • High-grade fluoropolymer – No additives
  • Gamma Irradiated & Autoclavable
  • Single Layer – No delamination
  • Inert – No compatibility concerns
  • Virtually no extractables
  • Wide temperature range


Technical Specifications of Aramus™ Single-Use 2D Bag Assembly

  • Widest temperature operating range: to -85°C (-121°F).
  • Universal Chemical compatibility: Outperforms other polymers as very few chemicals have an effect on fluoropolymers.
  • Gamma-stable fluoropolymer film: Provides lower bioburden by utilizing market-standard gamma sterilization.
  • Single-layer technology: Reduces the number of potential contaminants and no delamination.
  • Manufactured in an ISO Class 5 certified cleanroom:
  • Sizes: 500ml, 1L, 2L, 5L, 10L, 20L & 50L


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