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Single-use pumps are a disposable version of pumps used in the laboratory and in biopharmaceutical processes. They are most often used in closed-loop fluid pathways where there is a need to either protect the product from contaminants, or protect the operators from the product (e.g. viruses).

Single-use pumps comprise a pump unit with a disposable, product-wetted pump head or chamber made from gamma stable polypropylene that meets the highest biocompatibility requirements such as FDA, USP-VI and ADCF and BSE/TSE free.

Single-use pumps - PurLev Levitronix

The Levitronix® disposable single-use pump head consists of only two pieces, the rotating impeller and the pump housing. During operation, the impeller levitates in the center of the pump housing, rotates, and at no time comes in contact with the static pump housing.

What are the benefits of using a Single-use pump?

  • Lowest Shear – The magnetic levitation principle and pump design guarantee that no components come in contact with one another enabling a continuous and smooth flow which virtually eliminates all shear.
  • Intrinsically safe – No more tube ruptures. Set and limit the maximum pressure according to your tubing specifications and you will be assured that your media is safe no matter what occurs in your hydraulic flow path.
  • Lowest particle shedding – Maintain your liquid purity. Because of the low shear factor plus no wear or mechanical contact between moving parts, particle generation is eliminated which maintains the purity of your liquid.
  • Small footprint and low noise generation – All Levitronix® pump systems have a much smaller footprint than competitive pumps of comparable hydraulic performance. The constant flow of these systems also eliminates any noise generation from your process.
  • Completely pulsation free – Not just less pulsation, but completely pulsation free processing.
  • High flow capabilities – Levitronix® offers pump systems with flow rates up to 200 lpm (53 gpm), all with the smallest footprint and highest controllability.
  • Integrated flow or pressure controller – Integrate a flow, pressure or temperature sensor into your pump system and create a feedback loop which will allow you to automatically maintain your desired process conditions.
  • Capable of slurry (sold/liquid) processing – Levitronix® has the unique capability to deliver solid liquid mixtures without particle agglomeration or pump wear out.
  • Highest turn down ratio – Levitronix® pumps have the highest turn down ratio by being able to control and maintain the flow from a few ml/min up to the maximum flow rate.

Where can I use a single-use pump?

  • Perfusion for mammalian cell culture in bioreactors from 250ml to 2,000 litres to maximise cell yield and viability.
  • Depth Filtration – cell harvest/debris removal.
  • TFF (tangential flow filtration) for diafiltration and concentration of process fluids.
  • Virus filtration.
  • Transfer of process fluids.
  • Mixing/blending of multiple fluid streams and slurries (solid/liquid mixing).

If you are looking to replace permanent process pumps with sanitary pumps, reduce development cost, increase flexibility and eliminate cleaning and validation requirements, ESI Ultrapure has the solution for you.Puralev lowshear pump multi use by Levitronix

There are various types of Single Use pumps in the market: Peristaltic, Centrifugal, Piston and Positive Displacement so it is crucial to select the right sanitary pump for your application. For applications relating to transfer of shear sensitive fluids and high flow capability, studies have shown the Levitronix centrifugal pump PuraLev to be the pump of choice.


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