AdvantaSil APSW-SP

Introducing a New Style of Advanatil APSW Hose
Offering Higher Working Pressures – APSW-SP

Provides Improved Flexibility Too

AdvantaPure introduces an updated construction style for its AdvantaSil APSW silicone suction hose. The new hose uses spiral wrapping for the hose’s four fabric layers, resulting in a hose with far higher working pressures and more flexibility than our current linear-wrapped silicone hose.

The new style, called APSW-SP, provides working pressure ratings that are as much as triple those of linear-wrapped hose. The spiral wrapping method also produces a more flexible hose.

Like all AdvantaSil APSW silicone suction hoses, APSW-SP is mandrel wrapped and wire reinforced to form a durable, heavy-duty hose. Both it and the original linear-wrapped hose styles are:

  • Rated for full vacuum
  • Crush and kink resistant
  • Made with smooth bore liners
  • Sterilizable by autoclave, CIP and SIP
  • Suitable for temperatures between -100°F and 350°F (-73.3°C and 176.6°C)

APSW-SP is stocked in sizes ranging from 0.5″ through 4″ I.D. AdvantaPure will continue to offer APSW in linear-wrapped style in both smooth and convoluted O.D. types.

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