Biopharma Efficiency: Unlock with CYLINDRAFlow

Simplify & Streamline your Single Use Manifolds for Bioprocessing

Say goodbye to cumbersome single use tubing setups and leaky connections! ESI Ultrapure introduces Nordson Medical’s CYLINDRAFLOW, the revolutionary all-in-one manifold designed to simplify and streamline your biopharmaceutical fluid transfer applications.

  • Effortless One-Handed Operation: The unique grooved collar prevents slipping, the textured handle ensures a secure grip, and the intuitive push-to-turn flow selector makes adjustments smooth and easy.
  • Unparalleled Flow Control: Confidently manage up to five fluid lines with the assurance that flow is restricted to only one port at a time. No pressure drops, no confusion, just precise fluid transfer.
  • Superior Leak Prevention: Eliminate the worry of leaks with a design that boasts fewer connection points and rigorous leak testing for low-pressure applications.
  • Safety and Compliance: Rest assured knowing CYLINDRAFlow is built with materials meeting USP Class VI & ISO 10993 criteria, is gamma irradiation stable, and features clear flow direction indicators.


  • Modular design: Daisy-chain multiple manifolds for additional ports, creating a flexible and scalable solution for your evolving needs.
  • Streamlined workflow: Save valuable time and resources with faster setup, easier operation, and reduced risk of errors.
  • Enhanced data management: Etched data code provides quick access to product resources and material information, ensuring traceability and peace of mind.

Product Overview

Source: Nordson MEDICAL

Ready to experience the future of biopharmaceutical fluid transfer?

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*Text adapted from Nordson MEDICAL


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