EZBio® Single Use Bottles Assembly

Foxx Life Sciences is pleased to introduce their newest product line:

EZbio® Single Use Assembly

Better Features. Better Performance. Better Price.

Their Single Use Assemblies are perfect for fluid transfer and storage. The assemblies take advantage of Foxx’s patented VersaCap® technology which means there is no machining necessary to produce the product. They are perfect for single use applications and to phase out costly stainless steel apparatuses that are expensive to clean and validate.

Single Use Bottle AssemblyFeatures:

  • 0.2μm Hydrophobic PTFE filter for ventilation and to prevent the media from escaping in the event of a spill
  • Rigid dip tube with notch to allow for easy filling and extraction of media
  • Available in 250mL – 2000mL PETG and PC bottles
  • Made entirely with USP Class VI components and Gamma Irradiated in the United States



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