Increase Your Flexibility With An ESI Ultrapure Transfer Set

Increased Flexibility With an ESI Ultrapure Transfer Set

Transferring liquid from one part of your process to another should be easy but can often be complicated due to the different kinds of sterile and aseptic connectors associated with single-use equipment.

Keeping several types of Transfer Sets on the shelf can improve flexibility within the process; something as simple as a length of pump tubing with sanitary connections or MPCs, sterile-to-aseptic adapters, or even something more complex including filters and single-use sensors, can prevent costly delays in processing and fluid transfer.

ESI Ultrapure provide fully customisable Transfer Sets for easy implementation in your processes, and quick turnaround times for components held within our Noble Spec stock inventory.

Transfer Set by ESI Ultrapure Transfer Set - Custom bioprocess assembly

Transfer Set - Bioprocess assembly

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