Reduce Electrostatic Charge in your Fluid Handling Systems


Learn How to Reduce Electrostatic Charge in your Fluid Handling Systems

System stability and fluid purity allow you to process to your highest specifications. To assist with reducing processing risks polymers components have been adopted by the industry, but when using non-conductive solvents it is possible for the buildup of static electricity to occur.

Read this article to find out how the Entegris Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD) fluoropolymer tubing dissipates electrostatic charges, reduces safety concerns and offers low levels of contamination.


FluoroLine® Electrostatic Dissipative Tubing:

Offers a Way to Control Static Electricity while Transporting Non-Conductive Solvents

Read the presentation to discover how the FluoroLine ESD Tubing can:

  • Minimize concerns related to the transportation of non-conductive solvents
  • Dissipate static electricity in polymeric piping systems
  • Provide a high purity fluid path for transporting fine and specialty chemicals





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