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A Solution for Fluid Flow Processes

It’s a fact: Single-Use tubing sets can leak. And leaks contribute to all sorts of problems, from valuable product spilt onto the cleanroom floor, to safety hazards, to rework and added expense.

Tubing sets run the risk of entrapment as well. Fluids and organisms like bacteria can become trapped between the fitting’s barbs and the interior tubing wall, leading to potential contamination . . . and contamination can ruin an entire batch

But there’s a solution: Molded manifold connections

Moulded connections remove the risk of leaks and entrapment. By combining pre-made tubing with liquid injection moulded material like silicone, fittings such as Y’s, T’s, crosses, reducers and Tri-Clamp® styles are moulded directly to the tubing, eliminating gaps prone to entrapment.

With moulded assemblies, there’s much less need for expensive sterile connectors and therefore fewer cable ties needed for fitting-to-tubing attachment. There’s no need to use two ties to ensure a proper fit, and no need to hope that those ties are tight enough

manifold cutaway

The cutaway image of a moulded Y connection shows how entrapment risks are greatly reduced thanks to the moulding process.

Don’t trust a batch of products worth millions to a $2 connection prone to leaks and entrapment.

Moulded manifold connections and tubing assemblies:

  • Simplify customer inventories
  • Greatly reduce assembly time and costs – products arrive gamma irradiated and ready to use
  • Increase safety – no cable ties means no sharp edges that can compromise bags used in the process flow

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