AramusTM Single-Use 2D Bag Assemblies

High-grade, gamma-stable fluoropolymer film providing higher purity and greater reliability

The utilization of single-use systems continues to grow, and so does the concern about the purity levels of the SU components and their potential impact on high-value final products. From the high cost of losing product due to assembly failures at fill/finish, to the ever-increasing scrutiny from regulatory bodies, every angle requires protective measures.

Now, Entegris brings a new level of assurance to your process. With product design that incorporates the purity, integrity and performance standards of the microelectronics industry with the regulatory and quality requirements for life sciences, Entegris allows you to protect and store your high-value process solutions with reduced risk of product loss, contamination or compromised quality and efficacy.

Aramus Single Use 2D Bags

The AramusTM single-use 2D bags are made of a high-grade, gamma-stable fluoropolymer, providing higher purity, greater compatibility and increased safety for critical process fluids and final products. With a new single-layer technology that contains no curing agents, antioxidants, plasticizers or adhesives, the number of potential contaminants is greatly reduced. These assemblies offer the widest operating temperature range, making them more durable in frozen applications (to -85°C [-121°F] or lower) without negatively affecting the film.

Additionally, the fluoropolymer film offers universal material compatibility, reducing the risk of material and assembly failure. Aramus single-use assemblies are manufactured in an ISO® Class 5 cleanroom using methodologies that go beyond the standard. These assemblies allow for easier validation and provide high purity, performance, quality and safety for your process.


  • Frozen product storage and shipment
  • Stem cell freezing and storage
  • Storage of critical buffers and media
  • Downstream bioprocessing
  • Final fill
  • Process sampling and archiving


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