GEFA UltraPure

GEFA Processtechnik was founded in 1964 and provides today a wide range of solutions for controlling and regulating flows. GEFA-UltraPure are also specialized on single-use components for the biopharmaceutical industry in Germany.

Avintos Ultrapure

The range under the Avintos Ultrapure brand comprises products and solutions in the field of single-use technology and its peripheral products for the life sciences industry.  Avintos Ultrapure, located in Switzerland serves biotechnology and pharmaceutical customers where biocompatibility, integrity, validation, GMP manufacturing and traceability are standard procedures.

UltraPure International

UltraPure International is a brand independent ISO9001:2015 certified assembling company, located in Uithoorn, the Netherlands. The company is part of Indutrade AB, an international industrial group that sells and manufactures high-tech products and solutions to improve the customer’s products and production processes.

Colly Flowtech

Colly Flowtech delivers a comprehensive range of single use solutions: tubing, hose, assemblies, pumps and connectors to the Life Science industry in Sweden and Denmark.


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