LEVIFLOW® LFSC-SU Flowmeter Series

Product Benefits

  • High accuracy (1% of reading) and repeat-ability ((≤ 0.5%)
  • No contamination due to non-invasive flow measurement
  • No moving part – not particle generations
  • Improved bubble robustness due to DSP technology
  • High precision flow control together with Levitronix MagLev Pumps
  • Easily configurable flow sensor parameters (PC software)


Technical Data

Two piezoelectric transducers, mounted at both ends of the measuring path of the fluid stream, generate and receive an ultrasonic wave. The wave going in direction of the flow (with-stream wave) is accelerated and the wave going against (against-stream wave) the flow direction is slowed down. The two waves are processed by a signal converter. The difference in the transmit time of both waves is proportional to the velocity of the fluid. The wet materials of the single-use sensors are fabricated from biocompatible (FDA, USP-VI, BSE/TSE and Animal free) gamma sterilisable polypropylene (PP).


  • High purity and high precision liquid processes
  • Sterile non-invasive flow measurement in Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Biotech process
  • Single-use disposable applications


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