Product Benefits


  • Disposable wetted pump chamber
  • Pump chamber made of solid polypropylene
  • Separate control box for manual operation available


  • OEM design for easy skid integration
  • Extended turndown ratio
  • Global power supply and motor certification
  • Multiple accessories (VFD, Cable, Gasket) available
  • Flange adapters for additional motor types available


  • Integrated pump chamber, pump drive, motor and control box
  • Extended turndown ratio
  • Compact design

Technical Data

The orientation of in- and outlets can be adjusted by turning the pump chamber in 90° steps.

The Quattroflow 4400SU is self-priming and can run dry. Inside the pump chamber there are no rotating parts that might cause heating up of the product or shed particles.  Please see manual for full details.


  • Filtration technology:
    • To recirculate feed/retentate (e.g. membrane cassettes, hollow fibre, spiral wound, ceramic
    • Feed pump for filter cartridges or plate and frame depth filters
  • Chromatography:
    • Packing of chromatography columns
    • Feed pump to mix gradients
  • Feed pump for centrifuges or separators
  • Feed pump for homogeniziers
  • Feed pump for filling machines

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