• Flowrate: 0-2600ml/hr
  • Resolution: 24µl
  • Pressure: 1 bar
  • Fluid Viscosity: <1,000cP
  • Torque: <100mNm
  • Inlet/outlet: barbed connection to 1.6-2.5mm ID tubing
  • Weight: 5.67g
  • Dimensions: 39 x 24 x 18mm

Technical Data


The 6mm rotor carries 3 cavities each with a volume of 24μl. This in-line pump features hose barbed connectors to attach tubing to the inlet and outlet. Pump is driven by a stepper or DC motor at a maximum operating speed of 10rps.

Alternatively, Quantex can provide a unique connector to suit the customers system.

The pump can be used in the food, beverage, consumer and industrial markets. The pump is available for evaluation only in the medical and biopharma markets.

The pump is available in one variants.

SD – A standard pressure, bi-directional, in-line pumpwith self priming

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