Storage Methods for DMSO - Compatibility with Aramus™ Single-Use Bags

Case Study:

Assessment of Recommended Storage Methods for DMSO – Compatibility with Aramus™ Single-Use Bags

Aramus™ DMSO Case StudyDimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) is a widely used cryopreservant in the cell and gene therapy (CGT) markets. Consequently, a thorough investigation was undertaken using mechanical testing to evaluate the chemical compatibility of Aramus™ bag material following exposure to 100% DMSO for various time frames.

To assess the effects of DMSO exposure on Aramus bag material, twenty-four 50 mL Aramus™ assemblies equipped with BarbLock® retainers were subjected to testing before and after exposure to 100% DMSO over different durations: 24 hours, 7 days, and 21 days, with additional control group (T=0). All bags were treated with gamma irradiation (42 kGy) before conducting the tests. The mechanical properties were evaluated through comprehensive burst and tensile strength tests.

The results of the comprehensive tests indicate that the integrity of Aramus™ bags remains largely unaffected by exposure to 100% DMSO for up to 21 days. Tensile testing consistently showed results above 23 in•lbf/in3 (ksi), with a negligible decrease of only -0.36% at 21 days. Burst testing demonstrated consistent results exceeding the required threshold of ≥12 psi, with slight increases in burst pressure (+1.48%) observed at 21 days. Furthermore, visual inspection revealed no discolouration even after 21 days of continuous exposure to DMSO.

Aramus™ DMSO Single-Use Bag

Recommended Storage Methods

Based on the conclusive findings, storing Aramus™ assemblies containing DMSO at room temperature for a maximum of 21 days is strongly recommended. As determined through tensile and burst strength tests, the mechanical properties demonstrate remarkable stability during this storage period. Moreover, the absence of any signs of deterioration, such as discolouration or leakage, further supports the suitability of Aramus™ bags for secure DMSO storage in cell and gene therapy applications.


In conclusion, the Aramus™ bag material exhibits excellent compatibility with 100% DMSO for up to 21 days of storage at room temperature. The comprehensive burst and tensile strength tests validate the resilience of Aramus™ assemblies in handling DMSO. Adherence to the recommended storage methods ensures the preservation of sample integrity and reinforces confidence in cryopreservation processes, making Aramus bags an optimal choice for safe and reliable DMSO storage in the field of cell and gene therapy.


This case study was sourced from Entegris, “Aramus™ Single-Use Bags: Compatibility with Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO)”

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