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Learn How to Reduce Electrostatic Charge in your Fluid Handling Systems

System stability and fluid purity allow you to process to your highest specifications. To assist with reducing processing risks polymers components have been adopted by the industry, but when using non-conductive solvents it is possible for the buildup of static electricity to occur.

EzFlow Syringe Filters

Foxx Life Sciences Syringe Filters are designed for aqueous and organic solution samples.


ESI Ultrapure at Interphex 2017

How to Reduce the Risk of Fitting Leaks & Entrapment

It’s a fact: Single-Use tubing sets can leak. And leaks contribute to all sorts of problems, from valuable product spilled onto the cleanroom floor, to safety hazards, to rework and added expense.

Looking for a cost effective way to phase out stainless steel in fluid transfer & storage?

EZBio® Single Use Bottles Assemblies are perfect for single use applications and to phase out costly stainless steel apparatuses that are expensive to clean and validate.

Are you looking for an alternative to glass bottles for the storing and transportation of your critical solutions?

NOWPak – for an alternative to glass bottles for the storing and transportation of your critical solutions.

How to Choose Between Silicone Tubing & TPE Tubing

Factors to consider in choosing between silicone tubing and TPE tubing in BioPharm & Pharmaceutical critical applications

The solution to single-use bag concerns

We have the solution to your on-going concerns with Single-Use bags to ensure a new level of assurance for your process

Announcement: AdvantaPure high purity tubing, hose, and single use systems in Ireland

ESI Ultrapure, a subsidiary of ESI Technologies Group is pleased to announce their appointment as official distributor for AdvantaPure Tubing, Hose, and Single Use Systems in Ireland.

AdvantaPass disposable aseptic-transfer system

ESI announces the launch of the AdvantaPass disposable aseptic-transfer system from AdvantaPure. What is it?